The essence of RosExpert's business is to unite the exceptional. This equally applies to our clients — organizations and their leaders, and RosExpert’s team of consultants.

We are all different, there’s no way to describe a “typical” RosExpert consultant, but when you meet us, you immediately get the feeling we have much in common. At RosExpert, we unlock everyone’s potential giving them an opportunity to develop, and find their own trajectory of success.

We want your experience with RosExpert to be a meaningful step — both for career starters and those who proceed their successful careers in the new field. We are happy to welcome new stars to our team!

Oksana Morsina,

RosExpert CEO, Managing Partner, Head of Banking & Finance Practice


Success Stories

RosExpert attaches high value to meeting and communicating with new interesting people. Such interaction may transform into cooperation. We would be happy to see new success stories — a bright start or a reboot of your consulting career.

How to Become a Partner and Co-Head of the Practice
Nina Medovaya
Partner, Сo-Head of Industrial Practice
Consultant Nina Medovaya

Over the course of her 14-year journey with RosExpert, Nina has evolved from Researcher to Industrial Practice Partner and Co-Head. It's just simple — one should be captivated by new tasks and absorb new knowledge about industrial segments, whether it's fuel & energy or gold mining, engineering or mining. Keep the word given to the client, be it meeting the deadlines or producing faultless reports. Develop intuition and read between the resume lines to delve into the candidate’s professional history. Speak the same language with the leaders of the largest industrial enterprises and companies.

And, most importantly — one just needs to love one’s job and team. This is exactly how Nina Medovaya works. Isn’t it a recipe for success?

Talent Management as Search and Development
Tatyana Fedorova
Consultant Tatyana Fedorova

Tatyana Fedorova is an example of a new type of consultant whose comprehensive experience and education are instrumental in selecting the right search and recruitment strategy for hiring talented leaders, as well as in implementing large-scale projects aimed at transformation of leadership teams.

Tatyana's motto is “Stay ahead of the curve”. She was one of the first Russian HR directors hired by a multinational company, the first HR professional possessing international experience in a Russian company, the first leader accountable for talent management at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

Tatyana is the first RosExpert Partner whose activities span 2 practices: Executive Search and Leadership & Talent Consulting.

How to Become a Managing Partner
Oхana Morsina
Managing Partner, Head of Executive Search Practice, Head of Banking & Finance Practice
Consultant Oхana Morsina

Oxana Morsina appears to have always been confident of the path she chose. In 2002, she was appointed Consultant within RosExpert’s Banking & Finance Practice, which she headed in 2013, having become the Firm’s Partner and Head of Executive Search at the same time. In parallel with her project activities, Oxana was accoutable for the formation and development of RosExpert’s team.

Searching for executives who are capable of becoming successful leaders in new organizations requires profound knowledge and the ability to speak the business language. Oxana was trained at London Business School and Harvard Business School, and continued to develop new lines at RosExpert, while increasingly plunging herself into the matters related to company management. In 2016, Oxana stepped up into the role of Managing Partner.

From Talent Management to Launching a Consulting Line
Sergey Kordashenko
Managing Partner, Head of Leadership & Talent Consulting
Consultant Sergey Kordashenko
By the time Sergey got to know RosExpert, he led the Talent Management function at one of the largest industrial conglomerates.

Sergey’s successful managerial career was promising further growth, however, he was more keen on achieving his ultimate goal: encourage leadership development as a basis of talent management. In 2010, Sergey joined RosExpert and got a carte-blanche for development of a new line, at that time unparalleled in Russia.

Today, leadership development has been adopted as a regular practice by many Russian companies and top managers, and Sergey, as a true visionary, is preparing clients for tectonic shifts in talent management at the digital age.

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We are looking for an Assistant who will help us in the provision of services to clients.

The main tasks are to support two Partners of the Executive Search practice. This includes administering customer relations and projects, preparing project documentation (including creating templates, drafts and forms), coordinating the actions of project participants, preparing analytics and summary reports at the request of Partners, helping to create presentation materials aimed at developing the Practice's products and services, and also in writing "client letters".

We need a candidate who is interested in the topic of HR consulting, for whom it is important to constantly learn and develop. A Practice Assistant is a person for whom the quality of the task and service are the criteria of success.


  • Scheduling for Partners;
  • Plan events and meetings with the participation of leaders, including coordinating the schedules of the participants and preparing the necessary documents and logistics;
  • Prepare information and presentation materials;
  • Receive and distribute the flow of incoming and outgoing information, including mail, social networks, calls;
  • Organize phone and video conferences (using various providers and technology platforms);
  • Maintain document flow, file information, enter data into the information system;
  • Prepare design, analytical and other documentation (including translation);
  • Prepare financial reports for projects;
  • Arrange meetings and trips of managers, candidates and clients on projects (schedule, coordination of meetings, visa support, tickets, accommodation, etc.)
  • Regularly inform managers about the birthdays of clients / candidates, coordinate the preparation of congratulations and gifts;
  • Promptly fulfill tasks from Partners, ensure regular feedback from managers and project teams.
 Working conditions:

  • "Hybrid" work schedule (specific days in the office and at home are coordinated with immediate supervisors), a five-day work week;
  • Working in a professional consulting environment;
  • Opportunities for both career development in a professional consulting direction, as well as expanding the area of ​​responsibility in administrative work;
  • Work Agreement according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • Financial and social package - discussed individually at an interview.
  • English language - fluent
  • Higher education
  • High intellectual potential
  • Good communication skills, intelligence, competent, "rich" speech.
  • Result orientation, high degree of responsibility
  • Persistence in achieving the goal, hard work
  • The ability to quickly switch from one task to another, but at the same time not lose the vision of the "picture" as a whole.
  • Striving to develop and master new skills
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines, force majeure, uncertainty
  • Ability to work in a team, build interaction with different people
  • Plan your Partners' schedule
  • Maintain document flow, file information, enter data into the information system;
  • Prepare design, analytical and other documentation (including translation);
  • Prepare information and presentation materials;
  • Organization of meetings and trips for managers, candidates and clients on projects (schedule, coordination of meetings, visa support, tickets, accommodation, etc.)
Эта стартовая позиция в консалтинге дает возможность проявить свою креативность, способность к поиску, анализу и структурированию информации, развить навыки постановки задачи и прокачать свои представления о бизнесе и устройстве компаний в самых разных отраслях.
  • Уверенное владение русским и английским языками (письменное и устное)
  • Свободное использование компьютера для хранения и структурирования информации, подготовки документов, как текстовых, так и презентационных
  • Навыки поиска информации в онлайн ресурсах
  • Креативное мышление, любознательность, дотошность в поиске сути вопроса
  • Уверенные коммуникативные навыки и любовь к общению с людьми
  • Подготовка информации о компаниях и рынках для формирования стратегии поиска кандидатов на руководящие позиции
  • Идентификация потенциально интересных кандидатов с использованием различных методов поиска, включая работу с онлайн базами данных, рекомендациями, «скрытый поиск»
  • Подготовка информационных отчетов
  • Участие в организации и проведении исследований как для внешних, так и для внутренних клиентов компании
  • Координация контактов c заинтересованными кандидатами