We believe, that success attends those transformations and those leaders who are clearly aware of their goals, potential and resources, constraints and risks.

Our spectrum of executive assessment solutions is tailored to the needs of companies seeking internal resources to implement demanding tasks. For those who endeavour to deeply understand themselves and their team: opportunities, motivations, and developmental areas.

Individual and group assessment of corporate leaders is essential at any stage of talent management. Research-backed, valid, and proven techniques furnish us with relevant data for best change scenario selection.

RosExpert consultants directly interact with the C-suite executives — we comprehend the relevance, context, and priorities. The high degree of trust allows us to precisely choose assessment tools and techniques, offer diversified development programs for individuals and groups.

Individual executive assessment enables clients to make weighed decisions on internal and external candidates for business critical roles, or successor selection, as well as to assess risks and potential challenges for a candidate stepping up into a new position, create a focus program preparing the leader for a new level of responsibility, and identify where and how enterprise resources can be used to boost the leader’s performance efficiency.
We believe, that there are no unsuccessful people, instead there are those who find themselves in the wrong context in terms of place, role, position, culture. Our task is to help identify the mismatch and the change possibilities. Assessment is just the beginning of the road, followed by development, and we are ready to accompany this complex, multifaceted process.

Executive Assessment
We check if the candidate’s potential aligns to the level of responsibility and challenges in the business environment, how the candidate’s strengths are correlated with his or her developmental areas in their new role.
Second Opinion
We select comparison factors and assessment tools to make informed decisions and supplement each and all stakeholders’ opinions regarding the capabilities or risks of the candidate for a critical role.
HR Due Dilligence
Utilizing a variety of tools, we assess the leadership talent pool in a radical change environment: potential, values, risks, developmental areas, both from the individual and team perspective.
Drivers and Derailers
We perform comprehensive assessment of individual competencies, driving motivations, decision-making and leadership styles, and team behavior patterns to elaborate a balanced development plan.
Potential Assessment
We assess the readiness for new and complex tasks, as well as for a leadership role based on the multifactor prediction models and in-depth interviews.
The well-being of an organization and the effectiveness of a leadership team can be endangered by differences, lack of strategic coherence, inadequate structure and management gaps. Even the strongest leaders tend to be less successful working within ineffective teams. We help Boards of Directors, Executive Board members and C-level executives achieve outstanding results by identifying and leveraging individual and organizational factors affecting teamwork and performance. Our validated tools for team potential assessment allow predicting the achievement of strategic goals.
Assessment of Task Demanded Team Roles
We design the profile and assess the development of team competencies. We provide individual and team recommendations and development plans.
Assessment of Team Effectiveness and Teamwork
We identify the team’s maturity level and context to form both individual and common vision of the holistic result.

Tighter regulation, economic challenges and the speed of change are bringing the role of the Board of Directors to a new level of responsibility. Not only the leadership potential of the Chairman, his or her experience and ability to work with the team, but also the efficiency of interaction between all members of the Council, are becoming increasingly important. The presence of the essential competences at the level of each member of the Board and the team as a whole, the ability to correctly define the agenda and build relationships with all interested parties determine the atmosphere and efficiency of the entire organization.

A technology advisory board that works at the intersection of the board of directors, CEO and management can be a good help in implementing plans for digital transformation and combining efforts to develop a strategy to meet new technological challenges and opportunities.

The profile of a successful candidate for the Board, whether it is the Board of directors or the Advisory board is complementing the Board’s existing competencies in relation to the main challenges and plans for business development, therefore the analysis of the board’s competences matrix in terms of their compliance with the adopted strategy and definition of target profiles of potential candidates.

RosExpert uses all the variety of sources and channels of search, pragmatically approaches the evaluation of applicants and the analysis of recommendations.

To make an informed decision, both on the part of the potential contender and the organizationthe following will help:

1.  Comprehensive assessment of the competencies, personal qualities, motivators and experience of the applicant;
2.  A deep and balanced approach to decision-making, including acquaintance with the widest possible range of stakeholders, open coordination of expectations, discussion of priorities;
3. Onboarding process including introduction to management, owners and business.