We help organizations enhance their performance through the development and training of leaders who are engaged and motivated to achieve the company's strategic goals, and are ready to professionally address demanding tasks and overcome critical situations. 

Gathering in a group does not automatically mean to unite. The purpose of organization development is to ensure the company’s competitive advantage, achievable only through orchestrated contribution of each member, when a group transforms into a team.

In our daily routine, immersed into business technologies and Internet consumption, we tend to forget that everything in the world is created by people for people. There is an implicit conviction that leaders are engaged in building the company’s success, while people development remains within the HR domain. This creates a gap between organization development and people development, multiplying dissatisfaction with expensive training programs, while we still lack talents who are passionate to grow, learn and take responsibility for the company’s success.

Our approach to organization development is action-oriented. We help cultivate an atmosphere where everyone’s capabilities are used effectively, and the cooperation energy is maintained at a high level.

We share the particular leadership philosophy, being attracted by the leaders’ commitment and an indomitable aspiration to achieve goals. Having extensive experience of interaction with the top persons and members of outstanding leadership teams, we understand the context of their tasks, the complex balance between the significant authority and associated responsibility vested within each leader. Appreciating the singularity of each organization, we can generalize and compare the experience of various companies, both in the Russian and global market.
Executive Coaching
We help enhance individual effectiveness, identify goals and development paths, unlock inner resources and change behavior in a structured dialogue with an experienced certified coach.
Achieving a Uniform Vision and Coherence
We help top teams identify individual strengths, habits and decision-making peculiarities of each member and rely on them to ensure effective teamwork.
Mastering Complementary Skills to Achieve Goals
We help top teams formulate a common goal through open discussions and constructive conflicts, develop principles, methods and processes to handle issues in a concerted way.

Until recently, business administration has focused on managing finance, production or business processes serviced by people at different levels in the organizational structure. Today, the successful running of an organization primarily involves people and talent management underpinned by a holistic approach, science-backed assessment and development methods, hand-in-hand with key business indicators. Confident management, investment planning, upward or downward growth, require a profound understanding of the organization’s leadership talent pool and a clear language to describe the existing and required talents in the organization.
Talent Audit
We help assess the leadership talent pool for the organization to develop a succession framework, build a talent pipeline, and implement transformations. We select the tools that provide the most relevant information for decision-making.
Competency Modeling
We construct profiles for the roles, functions and leadership levels within the organization that are critical for achievement of the future goals, based on the competency libraries and short group sessions.

Changes and transformations within the external and internal business environment require an organization to continuously review its development parameters — formulate the mission and future vision, define the fundamentals of corporate culture and approaches to strategic decision-making. This is essential in achieving coherence within the leadership team and at all organizational levels. But the development parameters must be first and foremost approved and accepted by each and every top team member. Business effectiveness is ultimately rooted in the ability of the leadership team to negotiate and develop core business solutions.
Strategic Session Facilitation
Our facilitation coach provides assistance to the executive team and Board members in aligning their viewpoints and decision-making procedures related to business strategy and corporate culture.