The right motivation of the leader and his team ensures not only the successful implementation of the company's strategy, but also flexibility in response to changes.

There is always a need to identify new points of growth, optimize costs, and improve profitability. Add to this the exponential development of technology, the increasing complexities in geopolitics that directly affect global integration ties and supply chains, the tightening of regulatory requirements at all levels, and the ongoing race first to find employees with the right skills and then the enormous effort to retain them.

RosExpert consultants combine extensive industry-specific knowledge and practical experience in implementing HR solutions that will enable your company to create an effective HR function and advanced HR processes and develop an effective employee motivation and HR cost management system, as well as maximize the return on your overall investment in people.

We help build a transparent approach to remuneration that reflects market trends and internal specifics of the company.
Grading and base pay ranges
Job evaluation based on factor-comparison methodology linked to business objectives and market specifics. And analyse and reshape approach of external value of jobs though reward market comparison and base pay modelling.
Flexible approach to IT remuneration
Re-design an approach to the company's IT unit remuneration to meet the plans for IT development and allow HR promptly respond to internal adjustments of tasks and rapid changes on the market to keep the salary fund within the established framework.
Base pay review % calculator
Provide the HR C&B function with a customized electronic tool that will help to reduce time for analysis and evaluation of alternative scenarios for setting % salary review within the budget process or in response to external changes during the year.
We develop motivation programs for executives and other categories of personnel so that to inspire for the achieving the strategic goals of the Company and to retain the best employees.
Long-term incentive plans (LTI)
Design motivation instrument that will strengthen link between shareholders and top-management team goals. Project includes development of LTI parameters and tax and legal plan details.
Short-term incentive system (STI)
Benchmark and develop STI systems including design of KPI levels, job categories breakdown, set of payout scales, bonus targets, frequency and process of bonus calculation.
EVP for key employees
Formalize characteristics of key employees (KY) and set parameters of KY pool support. Design target EVP for KY based on current compensation and benefits policy of company and market practice.
We examine HR practices at relevant and narrow-profile requests, allowing our clients to make informed decisions both within the framework of changes and in the course of operations.
Talent management and EVP survey
Collect and analyze talent management and employee value proposition practice and plans of future development.
Customized surveys
Support in collecting and analyzing data on crucial HR-issues, including determination of the survey framework and parameters, questionnaire and methodological materials development, enrollment of participants, report preparation and deliverable of results to major stakeholders of the project.
Top management remuneration survey REpay
Annual survey on practice of top-management remuneration, benefits and LTIP practice.