Since 1996, we have assisted our clients in creating outstanding leadership teams, by attracting leaders whose experience and potential align with the spirit and needs of your organization, as well as enable you to achieve exceptional results.

RosExpert’s consultants have a track record of over 2,600 successfully implemented executive search projects in Russia, the CIS and worldwide.

RosExpert offers a robust portfolio of search techniques, in-depth industry knowledge, innovative science and detailed analytics. Our professional consultants:
  • Understand the issues, tasks and opportunities within each industry.
  • Appreciate the peculiarities of various corporate cultures.
  • Recognize the challenges that are unique to your organization.
  • Have a pool of successful leaders whose experience fits into the new roles within your organization.
We apply validated competency models in formulating the search criteria. A wide range of talent assessment tools enables us to attract executives whose competency profiles fully match the selected search criteria, and correlate their profiles with the international success profiles that reflect industry context, the role’s level and functions. Through this approach you can make an informed decision on the best candidate to hire that will stand the test of time.

Regulation toughening, economic challenges and fast-paced changes demand a new level of responsibility from the Board of Directors. The Chairperson’s leadership potential and experience, the Board’s teamwork, availability of the key competencies and properly delineated responsibilities between the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards are instrumental in creating the atmosphere and ensuring effectiveness within the entire organization. Our experience shows that constructing a detailed success profile may not be sufficient, when the context is dominated by the drastic challenges, business development plans, ownership concentration and the owner’s (majority shareholder) role, leadership position, and the Board’s corporate culture. It is critical to engage a multitude of sources and search channels, and to thoroughly assess the candidates and review the recommendations. A choice is an agreed decision made by the candidate and the organization. The mutual understanding is achieved through:
  • Holistic assessment of the candidate’s competencies, personal traits, driving motivations and experience.
  • A profound and balanced approach to decision-making, which includes getting to know the widest possible range of stakeholders, overall alignment of expectations, and priority discussion.
  • Onboarding support, including introduction to the leadership team, owners and business.
Advisory Board Formation
An Advisory Board assists the Board of Directors or CEO in defining the development vector and detecting the main threats to the traditional business model. We know how to find competent and motivated experts.
Board Formation for IPO
Undertaking an IPO entails a change in the governance model. RosExpert helps achieve the right Board composition based on the competency matrix, requirements of exchanges and the company’s strategic goals.
Board Chairperson Search
We help achieve a uniform decision through comprehensive assessment of the candidates, overall alignment of the stakeholders’ expectations and priorities, and onboarding support.
Non-Executive Search
Our non-executive profile is underpinned by a deep understanding of the strategy, business model, culture, and corporate governance structure. We assess the candidates’ competencies, experience and driving motivations.

Sustainable development of the organization especially in a turbulent environment requires access to reliable information about the leadership talents available in the market. Such information is especially valuable when the company is launching new lines of business or divisions, needs to enhance its leadership team or urgently replace a leader.

It is known that few external or internal events bear more serious risks for the company’s future than the change of CEO. This event can be planned and prepared — as a retirement upon achieving the pension age or expiry of the employment term, but in most scenarios companies encounter such a change unexpectedly, when the predecessor has to leave the post due to poor performance, state of health or force majeure circumstances. Our approach covers all planning stages:
  • Context analysis and formation: business strategy, culture, the company’s success criteria in terms of competencies and talents. Construction of the CEO’s success profile.
  • Identification and comprehensive assessment of internal and external candidates using innovative tools and technologies developed by RosExpert as well as provided by the best-in-class experts in leadership assessment.
  • Successor onboarding and support.
Executive Market Research
We collect and analyze information about leadership talents available in the industry segments of potential interest, including the qualifications, competencies, working conditions and development prospects.
Executive Succession Pipeline
We perform succession planning, including potential assessment of internal and external candidates, designing a talent management and development strategy, and formation of an external candidate pool.