RosExpert’s industry expertise is a deep immersion by each consultant into the trends and challenges faced by the industry.

A thorough insight into the leadership talent pool and potential, expert advice on engaging talents with a different industry background, and appreciation of the current leadership strengths enable us to provide well-argued decisions.


The industrial sector is the main growth driver in Russia. Energy, oil & gas, mining, and petrochemical industries are a stable foundation of the Russian economy, oriented toward domestic and foreign markets. The industrial sector accumulates most of the country’s leadership talents, however it does not imply that all leaders are equally prepared for the economic challenges. Today, the demand is not limited to hard skills. Customer focus, the ability to transform business, openness and receptivity to innovation are the basic requirements to modern leadership. Therefore, it is critical to accurately assess the traits of the current leaders and teams, set the development path for the leadership talent pool, and bring new experience into the industry from other areas and functions.

Today’s profile of a successful industrial leader has been supplemented with new competencies, such as:

  • Openness to digital technologies, understanding how the sector can apply digital solutions in the near future.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, proactivity.
  • Project management, accountability.
  • Ability to build function-to-function interaction.
  • Agility, drive, ability to withstand and maintain the high speed of change.

RosExpert’s Industrial Practice team has a long-term experience of interacting with shareholders and top executives from various industrial segments. The Industrial Practice consultants have a helicopter view of the ongoing industry transformations, while maintaining a deep understanding of changes in each segment, and following the international trends. Like our clients, we are convinced that a strong leadership team should be able to tackle issues, regardless of the changing external environment. RosExpert’s main goal is to help clients create and develop robust leadership teams.

Companies operating in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors were among the first to take technological leadership as a key competitive advantage and use innovations as a tool for survival and growth. These industries undergo a powerful digital transformation of all business processes:

  • Face-to-face consumer interaction is giving way to digital platforms.
  • Analytics and Big Data are becoming a competitive weapon, machine learning opportunities allow companies to enhance effectiveness within the areas traditionally viewed as unlikely or difficult to improve.
  • Cross-sectoral partnerships are emerging which opens up opportunities for development of new services and products.

However, not everyone succeeds in implementing these changes. We see that the companies that successfully develop and stay on top of any transformations are distinguished by its leaders who possess a unique combination of qualities — the transformation potential.

This potential combines strategic vision, influence and motivation skills, the competency to create and manage teams, the ability to analyze arrays of heterogeneous information, and digital experience.

RosExpert helps companies from the telecommunications, information technology and media sectors meet the specific needs of the digital age. We attract leaders with a high potential in solving transformational tasks, promote leadership development — both for individuals and teams, perform succession planning for critical roles, and develop a holistic approach to talent management.

The industry is undergoing major, unprecedented transformations on a global scale: ubiquitous regulation toughening, merger and consolidation of assets, dynamic penetration of digital technologies. This changes the fundamentals of the financial management system. Following the global trends, Russia’s financial sector is already adapting to the toughened requirements: process transparency, periodic sanations and restructuring of the banking sector. Digitalization, the changing social, political and economic environment present new challenges to shareholders, CEOs, leadership teams, and Boards of banks, investment funds, and insurance companies. Financial technologies are facing a development boom.

Closure of international capital markets compels talents from the investment & banking segment and private capital management to consider other opportunities and transfer their experience to a new context. The leader’s profile and the requirements for the organization have also changed. Today it is critical to:

  • Quickly accept and implement changes.
  • Adapt the pace of thinking and life to the new environment.
  • Inspire and motivate the team in a situation of uncertainty and constant pressure.
  • Extract and launch the hidden resources of the organization and team.
  • Remain stable and persevering in implementing transformation projects.
  • Develop talents and come up with new and advanced ideas.
  • Be ahead of market and change.

RosExpert’s professional team, having a clear understanding of country specifics, deep knowledge of the market and business, leading-edge practices and access to the best international experts and talents, help financial institutions on their way to the new heights.

Russia’s consumer sector and retail segment are heavily challenged by a number of long-term factors. The economic environment prompts companies to optimize core business processes and governance structures, create and configure effective procurement, logistics and production systems. Changing customer preferences and the emergence of new consumer generations require effortful attention to marketing communications, clear brand positioning and a strong brand focus, rather than the product. The development of digital technologies urges to reconfigure all internal processes, establish a unified and seamless customer interaction: from launching and supporting a new product to communications on social networks. New consumer interaction channels change the tasks and objectives of the commercial function. Retail chains are becoming serious competitors to consumer goods companies in attracting the most talented and experienced leaders. The retail sector as a younger industry actively implements leading-edge technologies, adopts the successful experience from other industries, increasing the effectiveness of consumer interaction.

RosExpert works productively both with the traditional retailers and with the e-commerce and digital leaders. We understand that every business adopts its own unique model, often having no market analogs. That is why, when selecting a successful leader in the consumer sector, whether for digital or traditional companies, it is critical to assess the candidate’s potential and competencies, rather than the success of past experience.

Our high-quality standards, tailored approach and partnership with the client allow us, in a joint effort with business leaders and owners, to find effective solutions in forming a team. We develop and utilize cutting-edge tools for potential assessment, including transformation potential — Digital Agility, which enables us to confidently predict whether the leader is ready to meet new challenges in the new organization.

The rapid and multidimensional growth in medicine, pharmacy and healthcare leads to a nearly overall industry restructuring in compliance with the international standards and best practices applying cutting-edge technologies. The upgrading encompasses all segments — from production, standardization, and trade to healthcare services. The industry needs a new breed of leaders — not just high-level professionals, but leaders with a strong Learning Agility, receptive to innovation, capable of creating client-oriented companies.

RosExpert’s Life Sciences team excels in addressing the tasks related to formation of robust leadership teams, relying on in-depth industry knowledge, personal experience in pharmaceutical companies, and contacts with the key market leaders. RosExpert consultants have a wide range of validated tools for assessing the candidate’s potential and leadership competencies. Verified search methods allow us to conduct searches in any country of the world, and our broad network of international experts and cosnultants allows us to capture and incorporate the emerging talent management trends.

Today’s agribusiness is saturated with new technologies: vertical greenhouse gardens, smart irrigation systems, soil monitoring, precise farming and electronic field maps. At the same time, the sector as a whole requires deep modernization as it keeps applying the archaic business and technological models, and there is no exaggerating here. Russia’s agricultural industry is overcoming this disbalance — we see the industry entrepreneurs change their goals and approaches to organizing business processes in agriculture.

RosExpert knows that the economy is changed by people, and that business is made attractive and efficient by people. We help our clients find leaders capable of implementing major transformational projects within the industry context. Often, such leaders are brought in from other industries, such as industrial and consumer. Leading-edge tools for leadership potential assessment allow predicting their success in a new environment, identifying high-potential talents already working in a sector or a company, and focus on developing their leadership talent.

RosExpert consultants know the specifics of agribusiness as a whole, as well as its segments — fertilizer production, plant protection, seed selection, and livestock breeding. A wide network of contacts with international consultants and experts in the field of agribusiness provides access to most international markets with a developed agricultural sector and allows attracting professionals from countries whose experience most closely matches new challenges..