Each RosExpert consultant is specialized in the particular industry, as well as the respective corporate function.

At RosExpert, we combine the knowledge of top performers who successfully lead Talent Management, Finance, IT & Technology, Marketing and Communications functions in their organizations, with the ability to identify and assess high potential talents for successful leadership roles. 


Fast-paced technology development adds new threats to stability and sustainability of business. Risk management calls for more intensive interaction with shareholders and business owners, Boards of Directors and CEOs, as well as with functional units of organizations, thereby bringing promptness and accuracy of communications to the forefront. We realize that success in this role increasingly depends on the leadership competencies — the ability to build relationships between different organizational levels, inspire, influence, be open and receptive to change. These qualities complement the core risk management competencies — leadership courage, attention to detail and the ability to defend one’s position.

RosExpert’s cross-industry and cross-functional approach to addressing search tasks allows identifying leaders with a unique combination of experience and competencies. A wide spectrum of assessment tools serves to measure the leader’s traits and potential for undertaking novel tasks or responsibilities where past successful experience cannot be relied on. A keen insight into each industry, a wide network of contacts in professional communities help establish the right search and assessment criteria for the role.

Technology changes communication channels and business processes, while innovations drastically transform traditional industries. The interaction between various business functions has changed — there are no more service and strategic functions — all are in equal partnership.

Points of growth, effectiveness and competitive advantage remain the main tasks in supply chain management. Cross-functional and cross-industry experience, client-focused business processes, awareness of innovations, proficiency in modern automation systems and technologies, and result orientation constitute a success profile in supply chain management.

For over two decades, RosExpert has been engaged in forming supply chain management teams in a variety of industries — from industrial to retail. Our consultants know the specifics of all corporate functions, while maintaining a deep understanding of success critical factors in supply chain management within each organization. Working with the leading global and Russian companies, we explore successful experiences and the best projects in personal acquaintance with the brightest and most effective leaders. No matter your company’s scale — regional, national or global — the range of RosExpert solutions will allow you to attract the necessary leadership talents from within the organization or the outside, as well as to ensure their development and succession.

The functions within the Practice:

  • Integrated supply chain management.
  • Procurement.
  • Distribution/Transport/Logistics.
  • Vehicle fleet maintenance and management.
  • Planning (demand, supply and operations).
  • Inventory management.

Corporate communications stand at the intersection of public and business sentiment and the pathway chosen by an organization — its business strategy.

Leading corporate communications spreads beyond development, maintenance and safeguarding of the company’s reputation and that of its leaders. It is also fully integrated into strategy building for delicate and effective promotion of the organization’s vision and mission at all levels and for all audiences.

RosExpert has extensive experience in addressing issues related to search, assessment and development of corporate communications leaders, interaction with state agencies, investors, internal communications, including assessment of competencies and leadership potential, executive and team coaching, and leadership succession planning.

The Finance Management Practice involves search, assessment and development of leaders for a wide range of financial functions within the organization. RosExpert offers a full spectrum of solutions to build competent financial management, such as strategic search for leaders of financial functions, assessment of their competencies and leadership potential, elaboration of leadership development programs for individuals and teams, and succession planning for critical executive roles.

Today, financial directors are skilled in capital and tax management, mergers and acquisitions, business planning, and investor relations development. They are technologically advanced and competent in IT matters. They must ensure a stable financial standing of the organization and promote the growth of shareholders' profits, manage risks and costs amid the toughening regulations and control imposed by the state, Boards of Directors and shareholders. In the new fast-paced digital world, the tendency of Сhief Financial Officers to reassess risks is counterbalanced by a new competency — the ability to see opportunities and drive changes in their organizations. Chief Financial Officers are the first contenders for the CEO role and that is why it is critical to have in place a succession framework for the heads of financial functions.

RosExpert’s experienced consultants assist the leading multinational and Russian enterprises in detecting high-potential leaders both inside and outside of the company, assess their success in a new role, and encourage their development — both from the individual and team perspective.

Digital technologies have virtually formed a new business environment, demanding from the leaders of traditional businesses new specific knowledge and new competencies. At the same time, successful online companies reach maturity when their leaders possess traditional leadership skills, such as the ability to build strategies and relationships at different levels.

In a situation, when the leader’s potential to succeed in a new task is becoming a success factor, rather than their previous successful leadership experience, RosExpert helps its clients find exactly the candidates they need and assess their aptitude to perform in new conditions. The Digital Practice involves the search and assessment of such leaders as Chief Digital Officers, Digital Marketing Officers, and E-Commerce Directors.

In an alliance with Korn Ferry, RosExpert’s consultants can anticipate the next step in digital transformation and are ready to offer a full spectrum of solutions to help the organization choose the right leaders and talents: assess leadership potential, form an external or internal talent pipeline, and plan new leadership development.

Information technology management has spread beyond the service that is limited to supporting business infrastructure. Digital transformation changes industry landscapes, organizations and processes in traditional businesses, and shapes new cross-industrial and cross-functional interactions.

IT leadership is underway toward strategic change management. As the boundaries of IT accountability are becoming increasingly blurred, the successful executive competencies shift towards leadership, the ability to build interaction with individual contributors from different functions, to influence and inspire, engaging various organizational units into complex innovation processes and changes.

RosExpert possesses science-backed tools for assessing Digital Agility — a quality that distinguishes a successful leader or team, for projects involving major technological and organizational transformations.

We keep our hand on the pulse of rapid changes, in close contact with the brightest IT leaders in Russia and worldwide. Our partnership with Korn Ferry enables us to approach leadership talents around the globe, and anticipate the future trends in Russia. Our resources and tools are instrumental in building proactive, sustainable leadership within IT function — be it talent screening inside or outside of the organization, onboarding support to a new leader or succession program development.

Head of Marketing is the change catalyst and the carrier of client focused DNA. They act as a mediator between the Board of Directors and the CEO, various functions, building strategies and customer engagement, whatever the sector is.

Technologies change the context and customer interaction channels, create new challenges and provide new tools to tackle them. The organization’s success often lies at the junction of traditional markets, technologies, and approaches. In addition to thinking out of the box, the ability to anticipate the emergence of new factors, technologies, needs, marketers are expected to have a deep understanding of how this or that step affects the entire business. Head of Marketing essentially combines two critical competency areas. First, the ability to understand, approach and influence people, and build relationships. Second, receptivity to new technologies, the ability to learn and use new mathematical and technological solutions — from Big Data analysis to neuropsychology principles.

With our track record of diverse projects, we grasp the specifics of traditional and digital businesses, and appreciate different corporate cultures. Utilizing a wide range of scientific assessment methods, we can predict whether a hiring decision would be a success. With the client focus and a cross-disciplinary approach, RosExpert’s project teams know how to identify and assess candidates from various industries and businesses. Our partnership with Korn Ferry, a global leader in talent assessment and development, provides access to international marketing trends and marketing talents across the globe.

Today, talent management outpaces other corporate functions in its search for innovations, especially in talent development. Talent management has a twofold objective. First, it aims at business integration through values, people engagement, accurate assessment and development of their competencies. Second, it aims to absorb the latest technological and scientific developments, and digital solutions.

Traditionally, a talent manager was perceived as a competent administrator, organizing certain business processes. Now, this is a leader capable of bringing together various business functions, aligning unit-to-unit and person-to-person interaction with the business goals. Together with the CEO, Board of Directors and shareholders, an HR leader implements the development strategy through people. This level of tasks requires flexibility, openness to change, out-of-the-box thinking, technological awareness and focus on innovation, alongside with a profound understanding of business fundamentals.

Working with the leading companies, RosExpert interacts with the most competent and outstanding HR executives. This gives us a deep insight into the function, related tasks, and its potential in Russia and globally, and sets the quality bar.

Our partnership with Korn Ferry enables us and our clients to capture and incorporate the emerging talent management trends.