Coaching is the way to get a better version of yourself

12 April 2021
The CEO position is one of the loneliest roles. It’s not that it’s the primary responsibility of the business, where it’s not easy to get advice from colleagues.

Working with a coach helps you find a "starting point" in making important decisions about the company, the team and yourself. How to choose a trainer with whom support and support will work? In the summer of 2020, RosExpert Managing Partner Oksana Morsina met with the Executive Coaching legends to find out what distinguishes an “ordinary” coach from a “great” one, what taboos exist in the profession, and what criteria are used. to evaluate the professionalism of the coach?

We invite you to watch the recording of the meeting with Brigitte Morrell Curran - one of the best international experts on unlocking the potential of true leadership, a coach of leaders who dared to lead the world's largest companies. Brigitte's career includes leading the Korn Ferry CEO Institute in Europe.  As a strategy and management consultant, she has worked with global organizations to implement major transformation programs and improve leadership in change and multiculturalism.

RosExpert helps to complete the implementation of the CEO position as smoothly and efficiently as possible, as well as to select “your” executive coach for both the first person and the team.