CFO - the new reality

18 March 2021
Organizations have greatly reduced their costs during the pandemic, reductions affected back offices, head offices, financial departments, which fell by a third, or even two times. Many large companies, which, as a rule, had several CFOs by area (format) and a director of the corporate center, in the course of optimization, abandoned some of them. The CFO's inadequacy to the new requirements was clearly manifested; not everyone can combine the qualities that ensure control over operating activities and the ability to think strategically and scenarios. The crisis is forcing the owners and CEOs to quickly look for new ways of business development, it is important for them to have a reliable partner in the team, a key figure on whom they can rely. This figure is intended to become a CFO. Owners, as a rule, are looking for high-level experts in the field of finance on the side with the competencies they need.
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