WOMEN CEO TALK: Courage to make decisions

17 April 2019

Early in the morning of April 10, CEO's and HR Business Partners of more than 50 companies gathered at the Tsvetnoi Department Store at WOMEN CEO TALK to listen to nine women who started their business or head large companies discussing the quality essential for successful management: courage.

We've chosen the format of the conversation, where each of the invited speakers could share the story of their lives and lessons learned .

The first round of the meeting was held by Olga Lorenz - the youngest partner of RosExpert. The conversation was devoted to entrepreneurship what was the “point of no return” and what was the best advice that helped our speakers in the new way? The stories of Irina Kuznetsova, Poison Drop, Elena Mahota, Legend New York, Anastasia Kolesnikova, Local Food and Anna Shkirina, Getblogger made it clear that there is no universal recipe or reference set of parameters that confirm or approve what you are doing, but there are always to things to tune to: a vision of the goal and a willingness to learn and change in movement towards it.

The second round of the meeting, led by Maria Mikhaylenko, managing partner of Roland Berger, was more like a meeting of the Board of Directors of a large corporation, where the key issues of talent development were discussed - the importance of shared values ​​and involvement at the team level, the ability to see "our" people and understand what competencies they differ from. Observations made from the experience and advice from Veronika Zonabend, UWC Dilijan College; Arina Bayburtyan, Mustela; Nadia Cherkasova, Bank OTKRYTIE; Elena Beloshapkova, Fresh. Ideas for Offices and Olga Turischeva, RTP Global cost more than another Executive MBA course.

“Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others,” said Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister, orator, historian, writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature and the artist, once. We believe that our meeting and heroines inspired the guests who came to reveal their new best sides!

The catering was provided by Flora No Fauna cafe.