"The future? It is known already." Insight session.

7 December 2018

In an increasingly complex world, we are looking for a compromise between stability and flexibility. It is important for us to be able to calculate resources — first and foremost human resources — in order to adequately meet the opening opportunities or to avoid a crisis. The speed of change often devalues ​​long-term personnell planning.

RosExpert invited the HR executives of the largest companies to get acquainted with the innovative strategic workforce forecasting model named 'Dynaplan'.

Kai Berendes, Managing Partner, Dynaplan (Switzerland-Norway) and guests of the meeting practiced using the online application to develop different management scenarios and compare the financial results of each of them.  We looked at examples of how the Dynaplan model works in such global giants as Lufthansa and German Railways.  The most importantly the discussion outlined many questions, that will continue in our new meetings with Dynaplan.

We asked our guests to share their experience and impressions of the model:

“I think that for any organization with more than 50 thousand employees, this application that allows simulate the number and costs of personnel is simply a must have. Probably, in some form, large companies are already implementing such forecasting, but the system presented today is not just highly comprehensive, it can be called intelligent.”

“The very fact that such prediction is possible was useful to me. The first insight for me is yes, it can be done. Second - some things I have already noted for inclusion in our strategy. In particular, this is planning of future professions, those which does not exist for the moment. Until today it was not transparent for me, and now I understand how to reflect this in the strategy.”

“Firstly, the topic is very interesting. The key point s that this is not just a digital solution but what is more important it is very comprehensive concept. The second important issue is competency planning. This model allows you to forecast competencies."

“Well, we do the counting, but convenient interface of the model allows us to show the 'big picture' to the top management, without going into unnecessary details.”

“Yes, the interface is very intuitive. A minimum of time is needed to understand the calculated results.”

“This meeting allowed me to put together a complete picture of the issues that previously existed separately. The model allows you to take into account competences, strategic business changes and see different scenarios - I am sure it will be a very powerful tool.”

We plan to continue in 2019 and stay in touch!