Smooth change of career “waves” - a scenario of several careers during the lifetime - has been swept away by powerful and global economic and social storm caused by a pandemic. In the highest uncertainty, it is especially important to feel the need for your own competencies, skills and knowledge.

How to realize your best qualities - skills and experience - in the new circumstances? We are ready to offer a solution, choose the necessary tools and plan effective steps that will allow you to confidently build a new professional route.

Resume Check Up
You know your career goals and require to present your experience in an informative structured way that meets employer's expectations.
Interview Coaching
You started job discussions with a potential employer or plan to refresh your self-presentation and job negotiations skills.
Your Career Roadmap
You plan a career change. We help you to consider possible scenarios, within your industry and specialization, as well as alternative career paths.
Conscious Сareer
You are up for a next leadership level, the previous career scenarios are not possible or they do not inspire. Take an assessment followed by an in-depth feedback session in order to create a vision of a fulfilling career for yourself.
Sometimes career growth of an employee within an organization gets impossible. Chnages in corporate strategy or environment exclude or redesign entire clusters of positions and business tasks. Further career growth within the organization is limited, and the once motivated and effective leader is experiencing a development crisis or is showing signs of burnout. This difficult situations do not cancel employer responsibility or cease relationships with an employee. RosExpert consultants will develop a career planning program for outplacement, including an assessment of career motivations and possible areas of professional activity; working out the job search approach including skill set, networking, professional story presentation and resume audit.
New Career for Top Employees
Four blocks of services from raising the career development awareness of a manager to attuning self-presentation self-presentation and job negotiation skills, resume audit and career mapping.