Talents of Change. Business-breakfast.

21 November 2018

We are glad to share a report on business breakfast for executives - HR and not only - companies in the agro-industrial sector. Agribusiness lives in constant changes - from the changing seasons, to climate change, from regulations, to the policies of retailer, from digital and biotechnology innovations to the hipe of organic and slow food. How to set management priorities and succeed?

Presentations by Antonina Ivanova, Senior Consultant, Leadership Development Practice, and Zinaida Borodina, HR partner at BUNGE, talked about how to:

  • identify people who can support change;
  • support the development of such people and increase their influence;
  • corporate culture and informal corporate environment influence the success of changes.

“An excellent cocktail from HR - theory and real cases, an interesting and relevant topic dedicated to talents. And most importantly - the opportunity to communicate with colleagues from other companies! ”. “The potential assessment tool is very interesting. But the main question that I brought to myself was how valuable HR brings to business. ” “I’m happy to prepare a case from my own experience for discussion at a future meeting.” Such reviews suggest that it’s time to start planning a new meeting - now in the new 2019!