Decision Dynamics is a developer and provider of solutions for leadership and talent management.

The Decision Dynamics tools help organizations around the world succeed by making smarter decisions and developing their people. This approach results in greater engagement and superior performance in a dynamic environment and allows creating an integrated talent management framework in the organization.

The assessment tools are complementary and can be used individually or in a combination. The results obtained allow one to draw conclusions at the individual, team or organization level.

Decision Dynamics Executive Suite is a dynamic assessment tool that provides access to key drivers for implementing an organization’s strategy. The methodology is focused on working with personal effectiveness in the present moment, makes it possible to forecast and compare the participant’s profile with global benchmarks by organization management levels, while focusing the development process on the most urgent tasks.


The questionnaire is used to assess one’s career concepts and motives and correlate them with the company’s organizational structure and requirements for the respective role.

  • How to understand what captivates teams and leaders the most?

  • How to increase employee awareness and enable them to manage their engagement?

  • How to set up a culture of organization and consciously manage killers and drivers of employee motivation

A video overview of the model (in Russian):



The tool assesses the leadership and thinking style, as well as emotional competencies and preferences against the content and complexity of tasks. It identifies the person’s strengths and developmental areas.

  • Effective management and decision styles for various levels of the organization.

  • Corporate culture and leadership.

  • Developing leaders for success in their current role and preparing them for the next career step.

A video overview of the model (in Russian):


Decision Dynamics StyleView™ Complexity Motives и StyleView™ Emotional Behaviors

  • Preferences in the content and complexity of work and emotional competencies.
  • Two aspects of leadership are awareness of emotions and reactions.
  • Individual differences in preferences in content and complexity of work.
  • How to set up and maintain a balance, increasing personal satisfaction and contribution to the success of the organization.
A video overview of the model (in Russian):

Now business expects from the HR function productivity, the highest quality, accuracy and ... reduction of costs at once. Online assessments take a minimum of time, and the generated individual reports provide substantial information both for employees to deeply understand their strengths and development areas and for the HR to develop the organization.

Decision Dynamics empowers an organization to customize the environment to maximize employee engagement and create conditions for further talent development.

The rich palette of Decision Dynamics tools that will support you in preparing your employees and management team for work in the changing "new reality".

Get certified in an open online format. The certification gives the right to authorized use of the Decision Dynamics Executive Suite ™ methodology and tools for corporate consulting and is confirmed by the Decision Dynamics nominal diploma (Sweden).

Details of the program, the cost of participation and additional information on the methodology can be requested by sending a message to Antonina Ivanova to