RosExpert withdraws from its alliance with Korn Ferry

20 January 2021

RosExpert announces its withdrawal from its alliance with the global organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry. The successful partnership, launched in 2005, allowed RosExpert to develop in accordance with the best global practices. Now approaching its 25th anniversary, RosExpert is one of the largest leadership consulting and executive search companies in Russia and the CIS: RosExpert’s business has been growing at a rate of 20% annually.

Now at a new stage of development, RosExpert aims to further advance its business in Russia and expand its cooperation with international partners. Despite their mutual interest in extending cooperation and merging the two companies in Russia, RosExpert and Korn Ferry were unable to reach an agreement on the valuation of their business or on a brand development strategy, so RosExpert decided to leave the alliance and develop a new strategy.

«The large-scale digitalization of business, fast-tracked by the coronavirus pandemic, has called attention to several key growth trends in the professional services market», said Oxana Morsina, RosExpert’s Managing Partner. "These are emerging cross-functional and cross-industry initiatives launched by traditional and digital businesses, the increasing complexity of leadership competencies and the accelerating speed at which hiring and promotions decisions are taken.

"RosExpert’s strategy assumes an increase in the market share of integrated consulting solutions and is based on the use of online platforms for real-time project communication with clients, big data and deep data analysis, as well as the development of a set of flexible solutions for leadership assessment and selection tailored to customer demand.

«We are grateful to our partners for 15 years of fruitful exchange of knowledge and experience. Korn Ferry’s technologies have been a benchmark for RosExpert in establishing its own consulting practice at the top international level.

«We believe that an individual approach, speed, creativity and the ability to avoid rigid formulas are a competitive advantage today. RosExpert sees the future in developing flexible consulting platforms in collaboration with the world’s leading consulting companies as well as small service firms that provide best-in-class solutions.»

About RosExpert:

RosExpert is a Russian consulting company founded in 1995 and specializing in the search, assessment and development of corporate leaders and top managers. RosExpert’s clients include 25% of the largest Russian and international companies (according to the RBC 500 rating). RoxExpert was the first Russian company accredited by the Association of Executive Search Companies and has been a member of the association since 2002.


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