Strategic Workforce Planning

For several months now we have been living in a situation of growing uncertainty, making dozens of decisions about business, employees, customers, trying to find a balance of often conflicting factors.

RosExpert, KornFerry and Dynaplan for the first time have combined their knowledge and experience to present the Russian market with know-how: a methodology for scenario planning of human resources.

Companies now face a choice. On the one hand, business cannot survive without personnel optimization. On the other hand, staff cuts can drain the business and make it even more vulnerable, limiting the volume of products or services provided.

Scenario planning is a deep and powerful analytical approach that will help you allocate resources within the company and effectively use existing opportunities.

Dynaplan’s mission is to contribute to increased quality in strategic and operational planning. Within its solutions, customers can explore the future effect of today’s decisions to balance out risks and opportunities.

Armed with over 15 years of experience in the field of simulation, modelling and scenario planning, Dynaplan offers state-of-the-art technology for Strategic Workforce Planning. Dynaplan’s unique solution and proven scenario methodology allows planners to shape the future workforce of their organizations.

A comprehensive out-of-the-box set of supply drivers and a flexible and customizable set of demand estimation approaches gives organizations a quick start to explore the future through different scenarios, discovering future risks and opportunities.

You can get acquainted with the solution of personnel scenario planning in the context of several options for the development of the economic crisis and recovery in the webinar that RosExpert and Korn Ferry broadcasted in June and July 2020:



Don’t leave the future to chance. Act today.  

We will be happy to discuss your impressions of the proposed approach and tool, or to meet with your team to present the approach, discuss goals, objectives and challenges for planning the headcount of your organization and the possibility of working together to solve them. Email Antonina Ivanova (