“I don't seek, I find.”
Pablo Picasso

Olga joined the RosExpert team in 2007.  Later in 2017 she was appointed Consumer, Retail & Digital Practice Partner, and in 2020 Olga  has become a Senior Partner. Her expertise lies in the consumer sector spanning consumer goods, retail, e-commerce and digital companies. She has delivered dozens of search assignments focused on CEOs, Commercial Directors, Heads of Marketing and Digital Marketing, Sales, Procurement, Production, Supply Chain Directors for traditional and digital businesses. Olga runs projects for a wide range of companies: large Russian public businesses, global companies, private equity funds, and startups. Among her clients are professional consulting firms, including those specialized in strategic consulting, analytical and information services. She is experienced in recruiting Partners and Heads of Practices for such firms.

Olga heads the Financial Management Practice (CFO) and has over a decade of experience in running financial executive search projects — Chief Financial Officers, Controlling, Treasury, Corporate Finance, Investor Relations, and Tax Directors.

Earlier she worked for the Tax Advisory Department at Ernst & Young.

Olga holds a bachelor’s degree in international economy and a master’s degree in capital markets & derivatives from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).  A graduate of the Executive MBA program at Harvard Business School, Olga completed the Leading in the Digital Age course of IMD Business School (Switzerland) and is completing the Executive Coaching Certification program at Berkeley University.

Olga is fluent in English and German.

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