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Team Power
A Storytelling Evening: "How to Play Your Dream?"
RosExpert gathered friends at the second annual evening of storytelling. "How to play your dream?" — we decided to find the answer at a theater-themed event and invited those who lead the theatrical trends in Moscow and countrywide, to be speakers at our event.
Raiffeisenbank Assigns a New Person in Charge of Retail Banking
Oksana Morsina comments on the appointment (the original text is in Russian).
Aliona Turbeneva
Partner, Head of Life Sciences Practice
“In every person there is a sun. Just let them shine”


We are RosExpert, a Russian consulting firm specialized in assessment, formation and development of leadership teams.

We know the peculiarities of running business in various industries and offer solutions aligned with the vision and agenda of our clients. We share the particular leadership philosophy, being attracted by the commitment and indomitable aspiration for achievement.

We help assess the situation and comprehend the need for change (REview). We find people capable of unlocking their potential in a new role (REform). We harmonize and enhance cooperation within leadership teams (REfine).
We utilize the best global practices and innovative tools in leadership search, assessment and development. Our track record of 20 years combined with a deep insight into the Russian market enables us to deliver effective solutions at any business development stage.